Radek Tomasek is a Czech music composer, producer, and musician.

He is a founding member of the award-winning music group “Clou”, which had been active from 2001 until 2014.

The band's most successful album “Postcards” was certified gold in the Czech Republic, and also achieved 2 “Angels” awards, comparable to Grammy.

Simultaneously, Radek has become a drummer of a true Czech rock legend, a band called “Support Lesbiens” in 2012, however, his drumming can also be heard on many other Czech and Slovak artists' recordings.

Thanks to his musical versatility, and his ability to create a "non-Czech" sound, he has been successful in the field of TV ad music, where he is a sought-after composer.

As a record producer, he has originated albums by a legendary Czech rapper Indy ("KMBL"), a Slovak rap superstar MAJK SPIRIT, and a German singer-songwriter JL, or considerably successful singles "A Fairy Tale" and "Brighter Day" by SUPPORT LESBIENS. 

Latest production work is a new single by a popular Czech singer DEBBI, titled "LIGHTHOUSE", Rybičky 48 and Czech prince of POP Marek Ztracený, titled "GOOD BYE" and one of the most played radio songs of 2020 "WHITE LINES" by Support Lesbiens,